Fabricare Manager contains all the capabilities needed to manage a drycleaning business and more.  Capabilities and features not found in other drycleaning systems come standard with our software.  Fabricare Manager contains capabilities allowing centralization and consolidation of data for store by store analysis and comparisons.  Centralized data features allow you to target your marketing efforts and examine employee productivity, processing quality and a host of other statistics about each of your stores quickly and easily.

Cleaners using Fabricare Manager agree it’s the best POS Windows solution available today for cash, inventory and production control.  Designed specifically for touch screen without the cluttered look and feel of other POS applications, our goal was to design a revolutionary product that draws users in instead of confusing them with options that push them away.  New features in the latest version make it even better.

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Designed specifically for touch screen without the cluttered look and feel of other POS systems, our goal was to design a revolutionary product that draws users in instead of confusing them with options that push them away.  New features in the latest version make it better than ever.
Fabricare Manager Features
Below is a partial list of the features found in Fabricare Manager.  If you would like more specific information about what Fabricare Manager can do, please e-mail us or call us to speak to one of our knowledgeable sales representatives.
• Expansive Pricing Model.  Setup your price list or price lists to be simple or complex based on your needs.  For each price list define services, garments, upcharge groups, merchandise, service fees, coupons and discounts.  Multi-Price list capable with features that allow you to easily clone entire price lists and assign them to individual customers or groups of customers such as as hotels, wholesale businesses or routes.  Define up to ten different price levels for any one garment within any one price list.  Automatic price increase and decrease features allow you to increase or decrease price list items or price levels automatically by an amount or percentage with an option to round to the nearest nickel.
• PCI compliant card processing.  Use our advanced End to End Encryption with Tokenization solution for unmatched cardholder security and significantly lower costs for PCI compliance.  The solution deems the POS system’s cardholder data out of scope according the the PCI Security Standards Council because sensitive cardholder data is encrypted from end to end and can only be decrypted by the card processor.  Centralized PCI compliant audit logging lists all card processing activity, card on file changes and employee security changes.
• Advanced E-mail tools.  Quickly and easily create and customize e-mail messages for marketing, billing and order ready notifications.  E-mail messages can use customizable mail merge templates along with targeted customer and sales filtering.  With the ability to build, save and reuse these data filters, it takes only seconds to deliver targeted e-mail to the exact customers you want.  Formulate direct marketing campaigns, send news and information to groups of customers you define quickly and easily.  E-mail your account customers billing statements in summary or in detailed formats.  Use the e-mail WYSIWYG “previewer” to see exactly what recipients will receive before any e-mails are sent and choose to include or exclude any recipient in the batch.  Format e-mail in plain text or HTML.  Use HTML to give your messages a clean modern look and the ability to display images.
• Image Library.  Add, edit or create images and logos for invoices, statements and e-mail.  Over 35 sample images are included that can be used immediately for e-mailing percent off, euro off and holiday coupons, The Image Library allows you to ID images so you can quickly assign them to your HTML formatted e-mail.  Flexible @commands in your e-mail messages insert the image at the location you specify and you may choose to embed the image from the library or link to your own images located at your web site to minimize the message size.
• Secure Employee Access.  Secure individual employee access to specific menus, functions and reports. Configure employee system usability to precise levels and define default security contexts for current and new employees.  Security logs allow you to track customer edits with powerful “before and after” reporting of changes by employees.
• Two ways to maintain customers on account.  Easily specify which customers will be billed a particular method.  Customers assigned statement billing are sent statements at the end of a billing cycle.  Customers assigned credit card billing retain a credit card on file for automatic batch charges at the end of a day, week or month.
• Robust Employee Mail.  With the look and feel of an e-mail program, Employee Mail can make your staff more productive by allowing them to communicate with each other more effectively.  When a staff member enters their PIN in the POS, a notification displays that they have unread mail in their mail box.  Administrators can setup and control each employee’s address book to manage communication between staff.  When sent, carbon copies of Employee Mail can be automatically e-mailed if the employee is setup with an e-mail address.  Features of Employee Mail include Inbox, Drafts, Sent Items and Deleted folders with the ability to Reply, Forward, Move or Delete mail in the folders.  Employee Mail can be printed or searched and administrators can review statistics of mail activity.
• Advanced Route Delivery.  Log deliveries, returns and bill out all orders sent out on routes.  Define truck drivers assigned to routes along with day or days of week delivery occurs.  Use our “stop locator” to quickly position and insert new customer stops.  Define delivery centers and members where a group of customers or employees at a business can be assigned to a single stop.  Automatically bill out entire routes with the push of a button.
• Route Agent Handling.  Define routes assigned to route agents that use your cleaning services.  Optionally print invoices and/or statements for your route agent’s customers and even include the route agent’s logo.  An agent’s customers can even be sent billing statements by e-mail.
• Prepay and One Price Cleaners.  Contains advanced features specific for prepay and one price cleaners.  Choose to prepay invoices in front of customers or use our two stage method where drop offs are quick priced in front of customers and later fully detailed at mark-in.  The latter method allows you to use bar coded garment labels and heat seals for quick mark-in and auto-assembly.
• Valet and Business to Business capabilities.  Create hotel and wholesale B2B customers easily with options to print invoices with their company name and address in place of yours.  Printed invoices may also include additional reference data such as original ticket number, guest name and hotel room number.  Print B2B garment manifests, periodic statements and billing summaries.
• Problem and Resolution Manager.  Store and retrieve contact information about customer issues or problems and what was done to resolve them.  Has the ability to open and close an issue and lookup past issues related to your customers.  Includes the ability to capture and store webcam images with any issue record such as pictures of problem garments.
• Loyalty Program.  Setup a loyalty program so customers accumulate sales points and are awarded coupons or sales credits at a defined point level.  Features include the ability to ‘Name’ the program, design award messages printed on coupons and set an expiration date for coupons.  Additionally the program can be setup in include or exclude service departments and allows for customers to receive bonus points if invoices are prepaid.
• Coupon analysis.  Analyze the coupon history of any customer, new customers, coupon type or employee who chose it.  Select any date range for reporting including day, week, month, quarter or custom.  Administer coupon SKU codes for coupon usage security and bar-code-only scan entry.
• Bar Code Labels.  Print bar code labels or assign pre-printed bar code labels for permanent heat sealing into garments.  Define your garment once and then heat seal in the bar code label.  Afterwards, never describe the garment again.  Simply scan the garment when it passes through later.  Customers like this feature since their shirts are always consistently serviced the same way.  Cleaners like it because mark-in is quicker, identification is automatic and savings are realized from a real no-waste method.  Bar Code labels are required if using our auto-assembly features.
• Auto-Assembly interfaces for 3rd party assembly systems and our own Fabricare Assembly Manager to cut production times and save labor costs.
• Tag Styles for paper or synthetic tags.  Define Tag Styles that are assignable to service departments, routes or lots to differentiate tags between one another.  Tag Styles can be customized with the indicia you want printed and assigned to printers with different colored media.  Optionally define an Express Tag Style for express orders which can also be printed on a separate printer.
• Lot Control.  Assign service departments to a lot counter to determine the number of pieces or tickets invoiced so far.  A message displays when a lot has completed.  Simple to setup with start, end and current counts for both Lot number sequence and piece/ticket number sequence within Lot.  If printing tags, assign any Lot it’s own Tag Style.
• Workload metering.  Instantly determine if drycleaning and laundry workload is nearing capacity for today or the next 5 days using graphic meters.  Three meters allow you to view daily piece workload capacity, work orders not invoiced and invoices not completed totaled and graphed by due date for both drycleaning and laundry.  If using our Fabricare Manager MRC multi-store product, workload meters display aggregate totals for all stores.
• Thermal Printers.  Uses thermal printers for fast, quiet printing of invoices, receipts and small reports.  Forms include work orders, invoices, fetch slips, sales receipts and credit card agreement receipts.  Quick reports allow employees to view and print their time cards, list work orders to be invoiced by due date as well as list Invoices in production to be assembled and racked by due date from any network station.
• Use management reports with report filters to specify the exact data you want.  Our custom WYSIWYG report viewer features Table of Contents, Text Search, Zoom and the ability to print any page range in your reports.  You can output to your screen, report printer, an Acrobat reader .PDF file,  text files, rich text .DOC files, an HTML page or Excel spreadsheet.   Some of our built-in reports include:
• Invoice, cash out and void registers.
• Invoices to rack, Invoices by rack location, Invoices by age, by customer, account type, route, incoming, prepaid, picked-up.
• Invoice searches by garment name, color or heat seal, rack location range or Tag-ID for all  invoices in inventory, cashed out or voided.
• Daily sales grouped  by service department and selectable by date range for incoming sales, outgoing sales, account totals, receivables.
• Cash drawer control reports for open and closed out drawers.  Complete closed drawer history.
• Employee audit and security logs, time card reports, up-charges, pieces invoiced, racked, picked-up.
• Financial reports including sales tax, merchandise usage and analysis by day, department, category, garment.
• Customer detail and address listings for new customers, frequent cleaner members, VIP and Accounts.
• Top customers for last 60,90,120 or 150 days, customers dropped from top since previous month.
• Total customers and their sales that fall within 12 sales ranges. ie. €1 to €10, €10 to €20… €100 to €200, etc.
• Credit card billing reports that include upcoming card expirations, +/- transactions, invoice detail summary.
• Statement billing reports allow you to print statements for any period, print account aging.
• Physical Inventory reports list the physical log, missing tickets from log and miss-racked locations.
• Maintenance reports to review your employees, garment pricing, upcharge groups, coupons, discounts, holidays, etc…
• Create your own custom reports from SQL queries using Microsoft Office applications.
• Plus many more…
• Calculates U.S. and Canadian Sales Tax, Australian GST or European VAT.

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